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Of course–sometimes–our games bring people together to crush them; but they are doing it together.
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Wee Bit Twisted III, The Deck of Many Needful Things

Coming to Kickstarter for their fall ‘Zine feature is Wee Bit Twisted III, the RPG ‘zine for the casual gamer.

Rather than a specific module, we are preparing the Deck of Many Needful Things, 52 cursed magic items for your 5th edition campaigns. Each item will have a detailed history as well as the relevant game impacts. As a bonus, we are creating a complete and playable deck of cards to supplement the release (mock up to the left).

We look forward to helping DMs everywhere inflict unnecessary pain on players soon.









Obscurious Illustratus

Enlisting in the ranks of the Obscurious Illustratus is as easy as dividing by zero

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