Dr Zero Presents: Ragnarok Run 2020 Postcard Game

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Join the ranks of the Obscurious Illustratus in Dr. Zero’s Ragnarok Run Postcard Game and Fitness Challenge.

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Ragnarok Run postcard– a solo player challenge suitable for all ages. A simple game requiring a couple of tokens and a D6, the postcard is suitable for mailing to a friend. Who can save the world faster (or in a single attempt)?

Dr. Zero’s Ragnarok Run is a 10 x 10 challenge for the end of the year: 10 miles (or their equivalent) in 10 days, from December 21 to December 31. Complete the challenge and you’ll help stave off the end of the world for another solar year.

For the competitive members of our backers, we encourage the postcards be used as a challenge: send it to a friend or family member who could stand to have their pilot light restarted. After each successful day, record your attempt to complete the postcard, i.e. how many times to successfully complete the challenge. Then send a note to whomever you’ve given the other postcard. For every mile you complete a day, you receive one ‘mulligan’ (for non-golfers, it’s how you cheat in golf by not counting a stroke but it’s totally allowed) on a D6 roll. Challenge the recipient to do ‘one better’ (or at least not use a mulligan, you cheater.)


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