#45 Oh, So Close. So Very Close.

And We Would've Gotten Away With It, Too


Unable to escape our past, the return to the abbey is plagued by the reprecusions of some of the group’s (Robert’s) actions.

Transcript of the Midge’s Roadhouse Fire Inquest.

Investigator: I’d like to ask you about the fire at Midge’s [roadhouse].

Haggis: We don’t know anything about the stables.

Investigator: uh, I didn’t mention that the fire was in the stables.

Haggis: [pause] . . .I’m a very religious person. Let me show you my flask of holy water [searches tunic]. See look at my religious badge [mistakenly holds up evil cleric’s broach]¬†

Investigator: Where did you get that [points at broach]

Haggis: [pause]. Get what? This? We were attackd by humans. I thought you were supposed to be protecting haflings like me from this sort of crime?

All the assembled members of the halfing corps turn and stare at Felix [human party member]

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